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D4G Workshop

The 14th of June Sandy Chkeir presented the results of the collaboration between SINOPTICA and ALARM projects in the "1st workshop on data science for GNSS remote sensing", Potsdam, [...]

SINOPTICA Press Release

AND SUDDENLY THE CLOUDS ... THE CLIMATE CHANGES, THE ROUTES CHANGE  Sudden changes on weather in a very small area and particularly intense could seriously threaten the security of [...]

EGU 2022 presentation

Yesterday, 25th of May 2022, Vincenzo Mazzarella from CIMA Research Foundation, presented the SINOPTICA results at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2022. The work "Data assimilation and nowcasting [...]

Short-term weather impacts on aviation

Eurocontrol has recently published the "Climate Change Risks for European Aviation Summary Report" ( stating that "To prepare for the potential impacts, it is vital that the European aviation [...]

AISAM Conference

Yesterday at the 4th National Congress of the Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e Meteorologia, Vincenzo Mazzarella presented "The SINOPTICA project: how can air traffic management during severe weather [...]

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