Yesterday at the 4th National Congress of the Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell’Atmosfera e Meteorologia, Vincenzo Mazzarella presented “The SINOPTICA project: how can air traffic management during severe weather events be improved?”. The study presents the results of the assimilation of observations in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model and the related ATM implications, for the case study of the Milan Malpensa airport on 11 May 2019, blocked due to a violent thunderstorm with rain and hail, demonstrating that it is possible to improve the forecast of such events in line with ATM expectations and needs.

The convective cells are predicted in shape, intensity and time, the 3D-VAR assimilation system can support the ATM activities but the prediction of the exact location, timing and intensity of convective cells is still a challenge in NWP.

You can see the full presentation at this link