Our Partner Grup d’Anàlisi de Situacions Meteorològiques Adverses (GAMA), part of Universitat de Bercelona, recently developed a new nowcasting algorithm called Radar Nowcasting VIL Density algorithm (RaNDeVIL) completely based on radar acquisitions with the objective of forecast and reconstruct the convective cells.

The RaNDeVIL extrapolates the potentially severe storms trough its identification based on the 2D product DVIL and it works in three steps:

Convective activity detection and storm identification -> DVIL structures with > 10 pixels exceeding 1g/m3 threshold;

Tracking of storm cells: to check if they already existed in the past and where were they;

Short-term forecasting position of the storm and area extrapolation based on the already observed positions assuming that the storm area does not change  (variations in 5 min correspond to less than 10% of the total area)