Yesterday, 8th of December 2021, Dr. Antonio Parodi (coordinator of SINOPTICA project) presented the SINOPTICA results at the SESAR Innovation Days.

The session was really participated with peaks of almost 70 attendees and several questions about the model we developed to nowcast the severe weather and how this can be integrated with the air traffic control procedures. An off-line version of the presentation given by Dr. Parodi can be found here with the voice of Laura Esbrì, actual collaborator of the project at the University of Barcelona. Here you can see the polygons we are able to create as nowcasting product and the performance we achieved for the four case studies of Milano Malpensa, Venezia Marco Polo, Bergamo Orio al Serio and Palermo Falcone Borsellino.

At the SID website you can also find our poster “How can SINOPTICA support ATM and ATC during severe weather events?” with more details then the presentation.

Feedback and interest in our work was shown during and after the presentation with new stakeholders contacting us for futre possible collaborations.