Milano Malpensa airport, 11 May 2019: squall line hitting the airport between 14-15UTC, hail, 8 planes diverted to other airports. The Po Valley was affected by a strong convective activity that caused several economic damages and a seriously injured person in Lombardy region. A squall line hit the Malpensa airport producing intense precipitation and heavy hail formation. The large amount of hail over the runaways caused the closure of the airport for 40 minutes and some flights delay. The heavy precipitation also produced several floods in the city of Milan, where some underpasses and metro stations were closed. Instead, the strong downburst winds caused the fall of some trees and billboards that have required the intervention of firefighters.

During the first minutes, when the system affected the airport, there was an isolated maximum of DVIL just above the airport that increased its value later. The particularity of this maximum is its circular shape with a diameter of at least 5 km that perfectly explains the intense hail discharge on the region.